To Nowhere Studio. | Reinforcement Vacui.
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Design, Illustration
About This Project

Reinforcement Vacui.

Our proposal has been selected for CREPE exhibition at CFF-19.

“Una crepa scricchiola, screpita. 
Nel vuoto però il suono non c’è: vive e si rafforza sotto all’illusione retrotopica che le crepe umane – anima e corpo – siano salve.
Quella sì che fa rumore; è troppo tardi?”



CREPE | Cercare negli interstizi
[CRACKS | Hunting into the unknown]
You have to look very carefully into the interstice,
you have to stand on the edge of the crack;
it is from that perspective that you’ll be able
to figure out what’s inside. Because maybe,
that’s not just an empty space, maybe something
precious lies in there.
You might feel dizzy, threatened, uncertain
but cracks are not just a sign of something
breaking apart. They can create new landscapes,
new architectures.
If you overcome your fears, new possibilities open
up. Cracks can be more than just barrenness
and void but spaces full of possibilities, full
of treasures and opportunities. And if they turn
out to be just empty spaces,well that’s a chance
to build solid bridges to fix the cracks, to get
to the other side of the abyss.